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Comments to Ibanez Here is your chance to post your comments to Ibanez. Officially this topic is NOT endorsed, approved or monitored by Ibanez/Hoshino. That said, voice your opinion anyway. Please be courteous.

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Please read before posting Comments to Ibanez here

Hello. This message will serve as a reminder for anyone participating in this topic. I'll get right to it... To post in this area requires you act with courtesy and respect. To be frank, posting here is a privilege, not a birthright.

If you have something negative to say, do it in a friendly way. Make your point clear and concise. Wild rantings will be deleted immediately. You all know the old saying... you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. If you are upset or annoyed, I suggest you go outside, enjoy life and return in a few days to post here.

Resist any urge to be obnoxious, as your credability and forum membership are at risk. You also stand the chance of making a terrible first impression to the people that can support and help correct a problem.

Please realize that once your message is voiced, your topic will be locked. Do not take insult to having a post locked. The world (and Ibanez if they so choose) can read your request, even when it is locked. There is no need to carry on lenghty conversations here. There are many topic areas on the forum here for doing just that.

If your message is deleted or moved, please don't ask moderators why. Just accept the fact that it was somehow inappropriate for this topic thread. Thanks... glen

PS - DO NOT post in this topic without a vaild, email address and the your email ability turned ON. This way, contact with you can be made if necessary.

PSS - followup threads to this discussion will be deleted periodically
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