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Got it!!!

Well, I FINALLY got my guitar back from the shop. Took awhile, but, to be fair, they were swamped with guitars to work on. Anyway, My RG 1527 has a Lundgren Model M in the bridge and a Duncan Jazz 7 in the neck, and an EMG Afterburner as a master boost. Both pickups sound fantastic. The Lundgren seems to be scooped to me, but not too much. Actually, it sounds a lot like the Jazz 7 as far as EQ. It seems like the Lundgren is skewed toward the bass, and the Duncan has more treble frequencies. I have a .075 on the bottom, and the Lundgren makes it sound great at both F# and low E. The tension could be a little better, but the sound is really tight and defined, and VERY focused with heavy distortion. With my Metal Zone pedal set with the mid freq knob at about 12 o'clock, the mids boosted all the way up, bass cut pretty low and the highs boosted, with the amps's EQ scooped, I get a tone VERY similar to Meshuggah's Chaosphere sound. Pretty much any way you set the Lundgren, it retains a really nice sizzle, with good harmonics. With the tone all the way down, it gets really warm and smooth (I mean, REAL smooth), with GREAT sustain.

As for the Duncan: it's pretty bright, which I like. It's as bright in the neck as the Lundgren is in the bridge. It has really good definition all the way down to the 7th string. It's very clean, and a lot of the time when I'm playing it, it's like the amp isn't even on, and I only notice it when I roll the volume down. It sounds very natural. With the tone down on this one, and picking over the neck pup, I get a very warm, round clean tone with a bit of pop, but still very clean.

Hopefully, I'll be able to record some clips in the next couple days (I just found out that Windows ships with a sound recorder; I didn't know that )
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