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My NOS USA Custom Exotic Wood w/ fixed bridge

Yeah, you read that right! A couple weeks ago I saw this guitar on e-bay and it caught my interest. Reserve wasn't met on the auction, so I ended up working a deal to buy the guitar from the seller after closing. It's a new-old stock guitar that's basically been sitting in a store for sale since 1993. Having spent a good chunk of the evening changing strings and cleaning it up, it now looks and plays great!

Here are some pics:

It's a 1993 USA Custom Exotic Wood model, exact model # unknown. It's got a mahogany body with the 1/2" flamed maple top, what feels like a Wizard neck, bound rosewood fretboard w/ offset dot inlays, and a Gotoh strung-thru fixed bridge. The HSH pickups are Dimarzios (Double Whammy in the neck and Super Distortion in the bridge, not sure what's in the middle) with split 5-way switch, volume, and tone controls.

Overall, I was pretty stoked about this find... I'd been looking for a USRG10 for a while, but since I'm a fan of mahogany/maple, this was a much better fit for my tastes.


PS--Couldn't resist... last week I had all the guitars out for cleaning & I took a new collection picture. Several have since been bought & sold, but it'll be a while before I have the time to get them all out again!

Front to back: RG2420-TB Prestige, RG3120-DR Prestige (sold), Jem90-HAM, RG1880-BGS J-Custom, RG7CT-VV Prestige, RG770FM-DBL, JPM100-P2 (sold), UV777-BK, RG421-RB (sold), JPM100-P1, RG-ART J-Custom, RG1220QM-TO USA Custom (sold), Jem7-VWH, MA1FM-NT USA Custom American Master (sold), RG3120-TW Prestige, RGT3120-TP Prestige, RG1680x-AM J-Custom;
Not shown in picture: UCEW, RG-PR1, JPM90-HAM, RG2680M-DBK, RG1077XL-RB
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