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Well, I tried one out last week in a store.

It was very beautiful (somewhat like dark transparent red or something).
The specific one I tried had a really bad setup, so it was going out of tune constantly, and the strings were too high, so the playing feel was really unpleasant...
Anyway, the tremolo looked good, so it must work nicely with a decent setup.
The neck was thicker than on a regular RG. It was more the feel of a JPM (wich I love), except it was a little wider (not fatter, tho).
As for the sound, I played it through a Line6 Spider, with the mix out (th guitar has 2 outputs : one for the piezo only and the other for the piezo+magnetic).
The control layout isn't very comfortable and it works in an strange way...and, as the pots don't have any numbers, it can be a little hard to know wich combination of pickups+piezo+volumes are you using at a determinate moment...
The pickups, being Seymour Duncans, are not my cup of tea. They were too bright sounding and too loose on the low frequencies.
I always was more of a Dimarzio guy, but yet, these Duncans really sounded that trebly and not thight...
The body contours are very comfortable, but I didn't like the overall feel of the instrument.

Well, these are my thoughts on this guitar.
But keep in mind that it was really BAD setup, so I'm sure it will feel way more "playable" with a nice setup.
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