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JEM + Sabre

Hey man, I've got 3 Jems, a DY, FP, and a VWH, plus 2 UV's, the UV777BK and a UV7BK. *I also have a Sabre, which model? *I don't even really know. *Maybe someone here can help me.
Here's the deal, bought it new, it was originally metallic burgandy, H S S configuration, all IBZUSA pickups. *Has 3 switches, two, two position and one three position. *The weirdest part is the neck. *It is the thinnest neck I've ever seen. *Way thinner than the Wizard that is on Ibanez guitars today. *One of the Ibanez reps from Efkay told me that when Ibanez first introduced the Sabre, they built about fifty with this massively thin neck. *But, they had all kinds of warranty problems with necks twisting in the first shippment to music stores so they bailed on that neck and made the wizard a little thicker. *Mine never got sent back from the music store and it has never twisted. *It has a rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets, the edge trem and a mahogany body. *
It is an ultra cool guitar, I just don't really know what it is. *Incidently, I've seen others that are identical to it, but with a thicker neck than what I've got.
Anyone got any ideas?
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