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Hey Lenny, the Pickups have actually IBZ V2 and IBZ S1 written on them (in the same style like those IBZ/USAs), which seems pretty strange to me. Every V / S series pickup I've seen before just had, for example, 'V2' written on on it.

Because of the different pickups mine seems to be a 440R and yours a 540R (I think), with the pickups being the only difference. I'll know for sure when I have pulled the neck.

I paid 190eur. Not quite the 160eur-deal I got on *cough* that other guitar a year ago, but I'm very pleased.

I'll have to work a bit on it. I need one new locking stud, and, if I get the chance, a fancy JS neckplate, lol.

No clue about the color!!
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