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Originally Posted by shader
How good are Radius guitars? Compared to, say, JSs or Higher-end RGs (550 and up) - I think they look pretty cool, and if i can get one for less than $200 and plop some pickups in it, that might be a pretty sweet deal..
They sure beat the low-price JS, I prefer them over the high-end JS, but I think that is a matter of taste. As for the RGs I think it is another kind of feeling playing the guitar... if you prefer the JS over the RG try to get one (in the end (or in the beginning ) ) the Radius was the basis for the JS-model... I got mine new (back in 91 (even though it was made in 87) for 600 Euros (List-price was something around 900... at least the music-dealer tried to told me).
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