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Originally Posted by Jem7RB MK
I do wanna try and get hold of an Anderson 7 string s/coil ast some point as i have heard good things about em too,Unfortunately with DiMario your stuck with a Blaze s/coil or ... Erm ... Thats it
i really like the Rio Grande Muy Grande 7 string singles. they have huge diameter pole pieces like the Andersons, and they give a really phat pushed Texas single coil tone that matches perfectly with coil cut high output humbuckers. i run these in my 540S7 and in my 7 string Strat. they are more expensive, ~$80, and Texas is just as far from you as Washington state.

the Blaze II singles are flat, but DiMarzio can do better -- the middle single coil in my LACS David Fiuczynski S7 sounds fantastic, bright and shimmery with high clear output. it looks much taller than a Blaze, but it hums and has only 1 output wire, so it's not a stacked single. i need to e-mail DiMarzio and see if they wrote down the specs on the pickups in that guitar; they're the best DiMarzios i've ever heard.
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