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Do you want to have a custom guitar like this?

Ok Ok Ok! *Everyone can relax...

My main point of reference is a book called "Appalacian Portraits". *It's probably the most disturbing book I've read/seen in my life (I'll show you folks the "library" here sometime). *A former co-worker purchased the book new, and we all had Jaw Drop Syndrome on our lunch breaks while looking at/reading the book. *I don't remember it all verbatim, but here's a basic summary....

The author was a native to the mountainous terrain, but had left the "schools" there and gone on to the "big city" to go to college, where he/she graduated. *As their first project after school, he/she did a photo montage with descriptions of the everyday life of the people he/she called "family". *

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this book was longer than War & Peace and The Illiad combined.....and harder to understand and fully grasp. *It was a "coffee-table book" of about 50 pages, but inside were pictures that would make your insides twist like Chubby Checker circa 1958. *It was horrific, yet amazing at the same time. *Far too many words are necessary for me to remotely describe it.

It's a completely different world...yes-WORLD...than where you and I live, but it's really only a few miles away. *I'm sitting here shaking my head...feeling bad that my cunning lingual skills aren't enough to get my message across. *How about: *It makes "Deliverance" look like Mr. Rogers Neighboorhood...?

I did a few searches during this post to find a link to the book, but to no avail. *It's so twisted, they could have stopped printing it.

I like North Carolina. *Beech Mtn. has some good skiing....considering it's NC and all. :-)*
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