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Help me Decide! RG1550?

I am an Ibanez RG and S junkie -- I admit it is a problem. However, I came across a deal on a brand new RG1550 for under $400.00. They are clearing them out for the new models. I love maple boards, but my only problems are as follows:

Floyd Trems -- I prefer a hard tail and do not use a trem in my playing. Although this might help me branch out into different styles in soloing, I do prefer guitars sans whammy. THings like tuning and sustain . . . yadda, yadda, yadda ....

The V7, V8 pickups -- I realize this will be an instant replace on this guitar. I have an RG421 for which these pickups came stock and went even more quickly. I know that Q1 and Q2's are what I want on this guitar, so looking in the used market and doing a replacement is in the mark.

Other than that, the neck, body, and everything else RG1550 is what I want, and for less than 4 bills, I am having a hard time saying no.

Can anyone convince me either way?

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