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Originally Posted by BeastofLove
And hey Sam- you wonder why the French have a bad reputation. And if you think I'm generalizing solely because of your attitude, just look how you branded North Americans after a couple short posts. Let's be a little less critical, and a little more oriented to the topic of the thread.

man, you're taking this WAY too seriously! I do not wonder why french people have a "bad reputation" as you say (not everywhere on the globe anyways...) because I know they can be arrogant. I'm not french myself, just a half-belgian half-malagasy dude who happens to live in France. Maybe the years spent here kind of influenced my behaviour sometimes, but please also admit that you get irritated when someone makes a little spiky comment about north americans, and even though there were enough signs of me joking, smileys anyone? come on, chill!

congrats to Rich who "owns" all currencies around the world! thumbs up
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