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Anyone heard anymore? The last I heard (sent about month and half ago) is that 8 people have had their guitars sent to them, that leaves about 16 people left on the list.
The e-mail I got sent was by another person who, like me, is waiting for their guitar back from Herc. Herc no longer seems to be sending out the e-mails and someone else does it for him, although I was left off the list. At the top of the e-mail is a list of all the other e-mail addresses it was sent to, I may have been the only one left off or several other people could have been left off as well, so when I say there are only about 10 people left this could be under estimating it.
This going to seem unfair towards Herc here but, it has left me slightly annoyed that he hasn't sent an e-mail out personally so we all knew what was going on. I'd rate his customer service 110% until I stopped getting replies. I know he isn't well and I honestly wish him all the best but it isn't good not knowing what going on with 1200 worth of guitar. I know that seems a very selfish thing to say but i'm sure if you were in my position you'd think that too. I'd be ok if only I was on the list of people getting e-mailed so I knew what was going on. If you read this Herc I don't mean any offence towards you and wish you all the best.

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