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Ugh, I was tired and didn't get my point across right.

The strings in my TRS wouldn't stay clamped in the bridge no matter what, the strings were just too hard for it (was it the Blue steels? I dunno...) and the tin foil just crumpled around it no matter how loose I tightened it. I only tightened it super tight when I just gave up on the damn thing. Whatever, I was gentle at first and got progressively tighter with it as the problem persisted.

Anyway, my point was supposed to be that it might be slipping out of the saddles, but that's if they're going flat. But if they go flat the others will go sharp, obviously. Watch them. And if they're slipping there, then leaving the ball ends on will keep things from slipping out.

If it doesn't seem to be doing that, then dont bother. But that's all I was saying. It would give the saddles something to grab onto other than just bare string.
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