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Originally Posted by mikeyCOA
i don't have tuning problems. but if i hit harmonics on two strings simultaneously and bend up or down, they don't stay in tune together. i would love a backstop, if anyone knows where i can get one give me a heads up.
You hit harmonics on 2 strings. True harmonics or false (pinch) ones? You bend with your fingers or pull up on the trem?

The problem with ALL floating trems is that bending strings affect the other strings. This makes lots of double stop techniques more difficult than on a hardtail. It sounds like you're running into this. The solution is to tweak the strings - not bend them the same amount - to keep the notes in tune. This is a technique in itself, and requires practice.

If you're hitting natural harmonics and pulling up on the bar, you can't keep them in tune unless you get a Steinberger TransTrem.
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