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Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk Not for posting JEM/UV ads. Not for posting dealer/broker ads. Not for advertising ebay auctions. This is to chat about resellers, various gear in question, odd items or the people selling them.

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PLEASE READ before posting in this area (Guidelines, Official Topics, etc.)

This forum area is where you can discuss Vendors/resellers, stores, or anything relating. Please read the some guidelines on posting in this area :

Official/Master Vendor Threads are for vendors & customers or basic inquiries if the Vendors posts that is welcome. You are NOT WELCOME to spam, abuse, harass or act inappropriately in Vendor threads. You will be hastily removed from said topic if you do.
If you have an unresolved problem with VENDOR and you wish to report that please use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of the forum. Vendors with ongoing, unresolved problems will not be vendors here for long.

No posting "auction deal listings" in this forum. This is a reminder that the forum here is not to be used as an advertisement for ebay or other auctions. It doesn't matter if it's YOUR equipment, a FRIEND's equipment, a STRANGER's equipment or something you think someone here might be interested in. When push comes to shove, there is no need to advertise for live auctions here on jemsite.
While some may appreciate a "cheap JEM10 look here on auction " or "RG-1200 killer auction" link, many others would not appreciate such links and spoilers. No one likes fighting and adding extra competition on an auction, something that can only lead to bad things. The forum space can be used for better and brighter things.

No posting NEW TOPICS here unless it is intended for USEFUL CONVERSATION. This would include, but is not limited to, a legitimate question, something very comical, a mass quantity closeout or deal that is not pitting bidder against bidder, etc. This is essentially common sense... if a thread doesn't stimulate conversation don't post a new thread. This will also greatly eliminate topics that are marginal to begin with, belong in other areas, or are best left offline.

Do your homework before ordering Custom Shop items.
Custom work isn't like McDonalds drive-thru. Set realistic expectations as to time frame of delivery, cost and actual product quality. Budget work means more do-it-yourself. Common sense rules.

Thanks... glen
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