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Originally Posted by Jemmm
Thank, Wordwolf.......but why is Ibanez delivering their Mahagony Ibanezzzes with the TZ-AN combo. Doesn't make much sense to me.

I heard similar stories like yours. They all say the Blaze (br) - AN (neck) combo is a great combo for Mahagony.....and I suspect for the Limba too.
Well, there are some people who like it, and to be honest... it doesn't sound bad. Very meaty and punchy, fat, but the TZ7 tends to be a clear pickup, so even though it's not glassy clear, like the Blaze Bridge, it has a dark, round, almost to my mind, vintage kind of clarity. Only analogy I can think of (not saying it sounds like this, but similar "vibe") is perhaps a real nice jazz box. Overall rather dark, round tone, but a good one is still very present and clear. But personally, I think maybe the TZ in mahogany is a better combo for a lead-dedicated six string. You need all the clarity, and treble to be honest! you can get with 7's and downtuning it seems like, esp. when you compound that with mahogany.

My opinion.

Surprisingly however, the same logic doesn't apply with the AN7 in the neck. Tonally, similar (at least in theory) to the TZ7 (To me they didn't sound alike, though). It's bassy, has a very present mid-spike, and a wonderful dark clarity. But that works GREAT in mahogany for a beautiful full, rich jazz clean sound, a VERY Strat-like neck SC sound when in parallel, and the BEST lead tone you could ask for. Gobs of tone.

PS The Blaze Bridge seems to sustain quite a bit better than the TZ7, at least in my experience, even though it's hotter and has a larger magnet structure. MY RG is almost Les Paul-like at times in that regard. Nothing compares to the TZ for pinch harmonics, however, so it requires a bit of technique compensation. The Blaze still has great harmonics.
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