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Classified Ads: Ibanez JEM/UV Guitars Classified ads for Ibanez JEM and Universe Guitars only. List your JEM/UVs for sale and/ or trade. List items you Want to buy. This topic is heavily moderated and links to auctions are not permitted.

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Classified Ad Rules & Policies - Read before posting, replying, buying!

Please keep the reply conversation down to a MINIMUM in the Classified Forums. Unless you have a question or correction for the seller, please read and do not reply

Sellers & Want to Buyers...
  • Trader Ratings were added Jan. 24, 2005. By selling or buying thru jemsite you are agreeing to USE THESE UPON COMPLETION of your transaction
  • No posting dealer/broker ads.
  • No flipping (buying to immediately/quickly resell).
  • No posting E-bay links or other auction advertisements.
  • No posting items currently on auction or on other paid classifieds.
  • Include your Location (City, State - Country)
  • If you disabled receipt of PM/email in your profile, leave a contact method.
  • If your internet connection is erratic, leave a phone number
  • You must include a PRICE/COST
  • No "auction-like" listings accepting offers until a certain date.
  • Include an accurate description of your item
  • Posts SOLD/FOUND when the item(s) are gone and CLOSE thread.
  • Do not bump to top (reply "still forsale") an ad before 21 days time.
  • Link to IMAGES ONLY from your OWN personal web space. Do not use jemsite or other people's websites to post images.
  • You cannot sell, trade, or offer anything that is illegal/prohibited/restricted in any jurisdiction. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE HERE or risk suspension of your classified posting privileges.
  • Use an appropriate title including FS, FT, FS/FT, WTB, WTT
    FS = For Sale
    FT = For Trade
    FS/FT = For Sale or Trade
    WTB = Wanted To Buy
    WTT = Wanted To Trade
    GOOD Subject: FS: JEM7PBK in excellent condition w/ JEM case
    BAD Subject: LOOK HERE!!!!! Anyone interested!!!!!!!!

  • Locked threads indicate SOLD items.
  • When browsing ads, check the original POST date is recent.
  • Include your Location (City, State - Country) in your profile.
  • Posts SOLD when the item(s) is paid for and close/lock your thread if you are the classified stater

Buyers & Sellers
  • Protect yourself by asking for a referral list of people / forum members the seller has dealt with in the past and using
  • iTrader Ratings (began 1/24/2005) should be used as a buyer/seller guide
  • Ask questions and verification BEFORE you come to an agreement, not before so you don't waste each others time.

When you come to an agreement...
  • Post a reply in the ad saying "sold" or "item found" so you don't waste other people's time.
  • Topic starter should CLOSE the thread (Thread Tools menu... CLOSE thread). ONLY the topic starter or moderator can close a thread.
  • PrivateMessage your payment information and obtain shipping location. PRINT YOUR PMs for reference. Followup by EMAIL can lead to trouble and PrivateMessage is recommended.
  • Prompt payment and shipment is expected.

When your transaction is complete
  • This assumes payment received and item received.
  • enter iTrader Ratings for each other.
    POSITIVE: good experience with the buyer/seller. items as expected
    NEUTRAL : useful for partners who "cancel" without any exchange of goods, or slow followup and delivery or payment
    NEGATIVE: bad experience with the buyer/seller. items not as advertised.

Classified Ad Links...

Click here for JEM/UV ads (no JEM555 ads)

Click here for Other Guitars, JEM555s, Other Gear & Memorabilia
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