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Please help me with guitar pu wiring...

Hi there!

IŽll start building my own guitar in the next few weeks. The woods etc. wonŽt be the problem, but IŽm still trying to understand the wiring stuff. I can solder, the connection of the parts is no problem.
The problem is: I know which sounds I want, but I donŽt know how to design the wiring diagram. I found the diagrams at, and, but I donŽt know how to alter the diagrams to my needs. Maybe someone can help me.

My guitar is going to have a SD ScreaminŽ Demon and a Cool Rails (a sc sized humbucker). I want to switch between both humbuckers individually and both combined (3 sounds), and split each coil individually (4 more). In addition to that I want an Ibanez JPM-like sound of two coils of each pu combined, that makes a total of 8 sounds. How to do that with 2 push/pull pots and one or two mini switches?

Thanks a lot for reading this and helping me!!
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