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crazy modded my RG450dx...lots of pics

Hey guys

well i was bored of the sound in my RG450 so i thought id go nuts and make a true 80`s rock guitar

I guess already you could see where this is going....

I cut out a center hole in my spare pickguard to try and fit a humbucker from one of my other guitars....

since i already had the v2 in there i thought id use the v1 i had lying around

took ages to fit and make sit right...

however i forgot the cavity of the guitar wouldnt let a humbucker fit

so... out with the chisel...

test fit time...

thought i would take the time to fix the trsII trem while i was there

and now i have an rg that would make paul gilbert proud...

and all my girls....

what do you think....???


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