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Re: Here it is!!!! Korean Prestige!!!

Well I think the Prestige SZ looks pretty good! That is one thick flamed top.

I would ve reversed one of the halfs in the top so you would have a /\ figured flamed top. But its not such a big deal. Flamed maple is used in SO MANY guitars that I rarely findt it exciting anymore. They will probably introduce more exciting models in the future. But the guitars looks cool and tastefull.

We probably should hear this guitars before complaining about the pickpups.....

Any confirmation about the Fujigen factory status?

If Fujigen is really going to stop making guitars (or going out of bussines) then that may be a sign that Ibanez went the right way when they decided not to have a factory of their own. If that is the case, then it is unlikely for them to set up a factory in Japan now.
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