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Re: Here it is!!!! Korean Prestige!!!

Originally Posted by jim777
Very dissapointing. I guess I haven't been paying close attention, but I hadn't realized they were moving Prestige instruments to Korea and that FujiGen was closing. I won't be buying any of these things, and won't have to with the instruments on the used market. Sad.
Have you played one of this guitars yet? How can you be positive about the lack of quality of a guitar you havent played yet?

As most of the people in this forim, I ve tried MIK Ibanez guitars and they were not in the same league as the MIJ guitars. Thats a fact. They had worse woods, and worse hardware, and also a sloppy finish and QC.

But, that doesnt mean they cant get it right. If they start using quality quartersawn maple for the necks, and quality woods for the bodies, and they start to use the same hardware they used for the MIJ line on their MIK guitars.... well they are already halfway there. My bet is that these upgrades are going to be seen from day 1 on these line of guitars. Now if they tight the QC a little, then they will have a very good product. Lets give them a chance, at least until you try one of them.

Those guitars look as good as the SA1220 did, if not better.
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