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Re: Anyone tried Tagima guitars?

I own the Zero model and have played several Kiko's models here in Brazil-SãoPaulo.
The Zero is a cheapo' model made in Korea, with poor set-up, fat neck, wrong woods (bad quality) and the Licensed Floyd and pickups are weak and low quality.
The Kiko's signature is very diferent:
It's also MIK, but nice woods, Seymour pu's and Gotoh bridge (very nice bridge).
Anyway, the signature is very expensive for and "Made in Somewhere" axe.
Tagima is an Japanese/Brazilian luthier that lives and works in SãoPaulo since 1940.
He's amazing, and all his customs guitars that was made in Brazil between 1987-1994 era are amazing stuff. Specially JEM's and strato copies.
I have a very closer/nice friend that works full-time at Tagima's Repair Dept., here in SãoPaulo.
He does all the FRET repairs from the guitars that come from MIK with some problems (intonation, fret leveling, clear/finish/polishing). There are NO guitars Made in Brazil anymore!
Tagima Guitars sell 700 to 1200 pieces of cheapo guitars, including the Zero model and strato copies per MONTH!
it's a BUNCH of, since we're on the third world and livin' with 25 dollars per week.
Yes, i said the minimum salary allowed on our country is 25 bucks per week.
68% of our population lives the ENTIRE month with 100 dollars, that means R$300,00 (three hundred reais).
WOW Getting to political!!!
Ok, to find these guitars, you have to get a bus to downtown.
They are everywhere.
Everywhere in São Paulo! LOL!

PS.: I hope my stupid english makes some sense at all! hahaha.
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