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Re: thoughts on the tone zone

I've got 3 guitars with a ToneZone in the bridge position, and all three sound pretty different. (I'm strictly talking about high gain sounds here.) RG8670, RG3120, and Jackson RR1. Probably the 3120 has the sound I like best of the three, then the 8670, and last the Jackson. The Jackson's bridge pickup sounds too much like a neck pickup, seems to lack the high end crackle, and have that.... neck-pickupy-sound. Don't know how else to explain it. I find myself wanting to turn the tone knob beyond max treble.

Not sure how to characterize the difference in sound between the 8670 and the 3120, they're closer to each other than to the Jackson (makes sense, both mahogany bodies with maple tops.) The 3120 is a bit more distinct and articulate, and the 8670 is a bit muddier. I get the feeling I might be able to duplicate the 3120 sound on the 8670 by turning down the volume pot a bit, though I haven't really tried A/B-ing them side by side.
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