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Re: thoughts on the tone zone

Well, you could well be right (I've always thought that the wood had more effect than pickup mounting, but maybe not....). I see what you're saying about a guitar with a pickguard being almost semi-hollow, but don't forget that a non-pickguard guitar still has pretty much the same amount of wood routed from it, just from the back rather than the front. What we need is for someone to have a guitar with a pickguard, and then mod it by direct mounting the pickups and removing most of the pickguard (like EVH's original superstrat), and see what difference it makes I've never been able to get my head around different sounds from different guitars anyway - no matter how much you try to analyse it, there always seems to be guitars that are exceptions - haven't I heard things about your white UV being a monster in the tone dept? I was expecting my ash UV to be bright, even with the tonezone, but it is actually quite dark, although not toooo bassy, still lots of tasty mids. Anyway, cathya later,
PS When I've changed my basswood UV to mahogany I'll let you know what it sounds like.
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