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Re: PGM / DiMarzio Switch??? Can it do this?

I painted that one to match my 2002 Mustang GT, so it's "Ford Mineral Grey".
It actually was originally a Jem 777SK (pink) body that someone had repainted white (poorly) that I bought off eBy.
The neck and all other hardware came from fellow Jemsiters, the EMGs were bought new and the pickguard was ordered from Jeannie Pickguards.

The blue Jem body shown earlier in this thread was a repro body that I picked up from another Jemsiter (screamindemon69) in a trade deal, it was NOT originally a production Jem body, thus the lack of typical Jem routing.

The PGM neck seems to be much flatter of a radius and wider than a normal RG neck at first feel, I've not checked the specs, but that's what I feel when I pick it up.
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