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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

I've been on the forum for probably about 2 months, maybe a month and a half. I first joined the forum so I could ask some of the guys on the forum about LGM guitars. You guys of course gave them a glowing review. I'm currently attending Berklee college of music. My guitars are a Jem 7vwh, a fender FMT limited edition telecaster with seymour duncans, and an ibanez AW100, at least i think it's the 100, it might be a 150, i'd have to look but don't feel like it. I also have a fender jaguar with a mini JB in the bridge, and an epiphone sheraton. I don't use those that often at the moment because my space is limited living here on campus. my amp is also regrettably at home in rochester NY, so i'm forced to use a crappy marshall practice amp. I'm pretty good at theory and technique things so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
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