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WTB 5+ string bass

I'm looking for a decent, reasonably priced bass with five or more strings. I'm primarily a guitarist, but want something to record on and finally feel like I've gotten to the point where the Squier 5-string I used to own was holding me back. Besides, I want something with humbuckers.

I'm pretty open to basically anything - all I care is that it doesn't look TOO ugly, plays well, has five, six, or whatever strings, and has humbuckers (my ideal bass tone would be like Tool's "Forty-six and 2" if this helps). I think that an Ibanez Ergodyne was the most comfortable bass I've ever played, so a five or more string Ergodyne would be ideal, but like I said, if you've got a good bass that you can do without, let me know.

So... what do you have?

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