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Re: New members - introduce yourself here.

Hullo there. I'm Gurj, a 31 yr old metalhead living in a town no-one seems to have heard of in the middle of England. Picked up my guitar last year after five years of, er, well not playing!!! Went a little crazy since and spent ALL my money (and some) on new gear. I think this is what they call a mid-life crisis
JEM77PMC (thanks Rich, love it dude - you can see it on Jemsite pg2 of the PMC gallery, right at the bottom)
555 jr - selling on that site at the moment. bye bye. And stop laughing, it was a moment of madness.
Jackson SL2H Snakeskin
Jackson SL1 EDS WITH a lo-pro Yes, i know it'll annoy the jackson dudes, but its MY guitar I won't disclose who did this as he may be known to you and i'm sure he don't want the Jackson Forum guys hounding him!!!!
Jackson Professional Rhandy Rhodes
Kramer Pacer (80's) in Floroscent Pink
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Axe - This was my first guitar. It's worth jack**** to you, but worth more than all my other guitars put together to me.
Crafter acoustic.

Amps + Effects:
Peavey XXX Head + Slant Cab
Peavey Bandit
Boogie Triaxis
Boogie 2:90
Lexicon LPX-15 II
Bad Horsie Wah 2
Boss DD-6

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with ya all in the future.
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