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Re: pickup problem

Originally Posted by Nats
is there anyway i can check the wires myself without having to take it to someone? i don't really know too much about the innards of guitars and at the same time i don't want to mess anything up. also, about needing the switch to be sprayed, what would be best? i'm a total tech noob. thanks so much
You'll continue being a tech noob unless you start doing something yourself and this seems to be a good start. Easy enough.

This is very easy.

- What happens when using both pickups at the same time? (switch in the middle position)

If everything works fine the problem is definitely in the switch.
If the pickup does not sound well in any postion the problem is the pickup.

When you identify where's the problem first thing to do is checking if everything is well soldered. Normally here's the problem.

If the problem is in the swich and everything seems to be well soldered I would just replace it. If you are going to do so remember to take good note of how the cables are soldered so you do the same.

If the problem is the pickup and everything is well soldered there can be different alternatives.
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