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Which DiMarzios?!

Hi all,

Right now I have an Ibanez J-custom with the original Air Norton/Blue Velvet/Tone Zone Pickup config. I'm going to be upgrading my Strats pickups to H/S/S and i'm set on using the HS-3 in the neck, HS-2 In the middle so I can still sustain the strat single coil tones but I can't decide on either a Steve's Special or the Evolutions!

I've heard great things about both pickups - The Steve Special being very clean and great for rhythms and leads too, and also great for coil splitting which I intend on doing (again to keep that strat type single coil tone)

The Evo then being a high output pickup, great for the punchy leads and some rhythms. I'm not too sure whether the Evos can handle the rhythms well (which is why i'lll need opinions) but I like the idea of having the output within the guitar. Anyone coil split the evo? If so how does it sound. Plus having the HS-2 will be a bonus especially in conjunction with the Evo.

So i'm undecided - I'm mainly looking for versatility in tones, clean and great sustain too. I play a wide range of music, from Blues/Jazz, to Prog rock to virtuoso /shred to metal. But I've also got another plan in mind, by switching the Tone Zone (great pickup for leads and riffing rhythms) out of the Ibanez, and placing it into the Strat and putting either the Evo or the SS into it. I've heard great things about these two pickups in Mahogany bodies. So that is a possibility. I'd love to hear some great opinions.

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