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Originally Posted by dangomles
Its extremely hard to find prices on this guitars, forgive my ignorance, but i dont know much about them, how good are they? how expensive are they? which are the features that are "good" about them and "bad" about them (of course from your point of view). You guys think that will be enough for playing Fusion (Scott Henderson type of stuff) ? which models do you recommend me? thank you guys, and again, forgive my ignorance
We've got a PRS here at my house- I guess I'll offer my opinion on these points:

A. Price: PRS are grossly overpriced, much like Gibsons. The story here as that among guitarists PRS became a bit of a status symbol near the end of the 90's. The gaudy flamed top and abalone inlays became more and more important and the prices got silly. Typically, if I see a PRS on sale in a store- I take the asking price, divide by three and add a little. As an example, our PRS Custom 24 10 top was listed at $3499.99. Divide that by three: approx $1,116. Add a few hundred: $1400 which is what it sold for. So don't be fooled by the ridiculous asking prices.

B. Quality: These guitars feel very solid and are typically very well made. I could count on one hand the number of PRS I've seen with quality control problems. However, they don't all play great. You really should play every one you can to get a feel for whether you like them.

C. Playability: This is the most subjective area- but I honestly don't like the feel of the PRS. The lacquered neck and the clunky body are just the total opposite of what a great guitar should be to me. Additionally, the pickups are very flat. This is totally my opinion, but I figured I'd offer it.

One nice thing about PRS- if you don't like it- you can probably sell it for the price you bought it at.
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