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Production Totals Please...

Glen- this site is neither run by Vai nor Ibanez. *We're in the dark as much as they

I don't see it as anyone's "fault" or "excuse". *It's simply the fact that production totals weren't made public. *I do NOT believe it to be a ploy or a ruse to increase aftermarket value. *(As stated a million times before: a DSY is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.) *

I'd like to think that Ibanez said, "Well, no one really cares about totals...and Steve hasn't said for us to make it known...put the papers in the box. *We'll sort it out later.", and that box went away. *Even if Vai said today, "I need all the production totals on the VSK's.", it would take a seriously long time for the info to become available (reason: *see Rich's post). *I think Ibanez has gotten better in recent years, but...remember- it's all up to the artist.

My info comes from the same place Glen and Rich get their info from.

New Forum? *I'LL TAKE IT!!!! *Anything is better than this thing....goddamn Yugo on my where's my sponsored ticket to Japan?
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