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Ibanez JS Questions!!!

You can get a CP for anywhere from $3k to $4k. *You can get a JS10 (Chromeboy) for $2k to $3k. *I have a friend selling one for $2750 (I believe) if you're interested. *The real Chromeboys, the JS2s, forget about it. *There are less than 20 (I believe) worldwide. *A JS1000 BTB is between $1000 and $1500 shipped from Japan or Europe. *They are not sold officially in the US. *Sometimes you can catch one here or on Ebay. *You can pick up a JS1000BP or WH for a little over $750.

[Disclaimer] *Don't flame me if I'm off a little here and there Jemsite regulars. *I'm going based on what I've seen around. *Thanks! *
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