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I'm buying a cell-phone, opinions please

hi there,
I have decided to buy a cell phone after using nokia 3310 since its release day. I have been looking to phones and can't make up my mind on which one to get.
the options are;
Nokia 6230i - My father got it and I really like it. Can be used as a mp3 player. comes with 32 mb mmc. 1.3 mp camera

Nokia N90 - Truly a great phone. 2 mp camera, carl zeiss optics, 64 mb mmc included. What scares me is the size. I have not been able to get the phone in my hands, just the pictures from the net.

Sony Ericcsson W800 - This seems like a freaking beatiful thing. 2 mp camera, 512 mb mmc included etc... The thing with this one is I have never used this brand. I have always been a nokia user and I think they are the best phones in the market. I have looked at my friends' T610 and the like and did not like them much. I know this one's a higher end one but I really need a comfortable keyboard for writin messages. My 3310 has the best keyboard I have come across to and my father's 6230i has a decent keyboard as well. sony ericcsons' keyboards always felt a little sloppy to me. I cannot make my mind on this. If I can't find N90 this would be the choice but for the reasons I wrote I doubt this one a little.

My father will get me the phone and I'll probably be at school at the time so I can't check them out then and there. The only one I have had experience with is 6230i. Please write your opinions on these 3 phones. Or if you have other phones that you would recommend, you're welcome as well. I'm afraid I'm a little anal about nokia and seem to not like the other brands a lot.

Btw, the pictures taken with the W800 are better than those taken with N90. I have read the reviews at. and they hold both phones in high esteem but they favor W800. Truly it takes greater pictures. I'm not a photgrapher and I know that I won't use the camera that much but I want to get the best while I can. Pictures taken with 6230i are sufficient for me for that matter. And I'll have to spend a little for mmc if I go with nokia (which will probably the case)

Thanks in advance my dear fellow jemsiters

Love from Turkey,

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