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Re: I'm buying a cell-phone, opinions please

well I bought a w800i. We have a nokia 6230i at home so I decided on this one. And from all the reviews I have read this is the best phone on the market... The keyboard is really nice and I have no problem about any specifications of the phone. today I have realized another thing. Nokia is selling their names, they still manifacture some great phones but they are overpriced. I bought this one for neraly 700 USD.(Turkey ) 6230i goes for nearly the same price and this phone is definitely the better.

I found a problem though. When I looked at the calls list I found 3 numbers called before me that I do not know of. And the 512 mb memory stick was installed on the phone and there were some mp3s installed on the card. The thing is that the phone was opened before my eyes... Anyway I called where I got it and told them of the issue and they promised me to change it with a new one tomorrow...
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