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Re: I'm buying a cell-phone, opinions please

That's interesting.

I have had a motorola e1000 for a while now, and I can't wait to get rid of it and go back to Nokia. Apart from the fact that it keeps hooking up to the internet when you don't want it to, the battery life is worse than my first mobile (which was an analogue nokia, that was the size of a brick). The really annoying thing is the charger (and this is the same on some Sony Ericcson) connector is very temperamental. Sometimes you have to wiggle it, and then put something underneath it to make it work. Bearing in mind that the battery power is sooooo c**p that you have to charge it at least every 48 hours of standby, and everyday if you are making alot of calls, you have to mess around with this problem alot.

My advice is go for something that has a simple charger jack. Sad I know but that is age for you.

Saying that, I got some great pics and vids of my stag night with that phone.
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