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Re: I am writing in to Ibanez to request for lefty models; who's supporting me?

Originally Posted by Koss
1. Playing left handed or doing anything left handed is a choice, a preference, we don't have to do it. It's easier to do and blah blah, but there is no physical restrictions stopping me from picking upa right handed guitar and playing that way. When you are being discriminated, it's over things that you cannot control, such as sex or race. I would love to see a lefty guitarist go up to Martin Luther King and say "Hey man, I know how you feel. Im discriminated against because im left handed, and Ibanez won't make me high end guitars. I feel your pain"

2. Jimi Hendrix was right handed, but playing left handed was easier for him, which just goes to show my point about it being preference.
In my case is not that simple, back when I was little and my mother would give me a fork or a spoon to eat with I would naturally take it with my left hand and eat with it. When I started out in school the teachers thought it was a problem, so the vice-principal suggested that they tie up my left hand in order for me to learn to write in the "right" way. This was something they did back in the mid 1950'ies. My mother then told the vice-principal if they did that he have health problems very suddenly . I have tried to do things with my right hand but it simply doesn't work as well .



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