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Re: Finally!...2 months!...RG 2550EGK! sent yours off to be modded?, I can't put the thing down! And I can tell the difference between pickups now...if 'real' dimarzio's or others sound even better?...well, that would be unreal!...I'm not into EMG's all that much, what with the batteries and all that. I'm happy with these for now, and if I replace I'll just go with 'signature' model seems pickups are the hardest things to try out, as you can't just walk into most shops and ask how such and such a pickup sounds.

I'm very happy, now the only thing limiting my potential is my effort and time. Even if it is 'placebo' I can certainly play passages on this guitar MUCH easier than my old battle axe Yamaha. It's just crazy fast, and looks like a million bucks (in my opinion).
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