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Re: Skid Row anyone?!

Originally Posted by markg5150
I'm not sure about "greatest fromtman ever" but they were pretty good. I think the first album is my favourite.

I saw them live supporting Motely Crue on the Dr Feelgood tour and they rocked !!
To each their own....

But at the same time, I went watching them when I was about 12 (23 now) at the Manchester Apollo (and again 2 years ago at the Academy)

At the end of Youth Gone Wild, he climb up on the P.A. system, which looked about 1000 foot high when I was that age, and dove off screaming "YOUTH GONE WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD!!!!!!!"

Well, it's as cheesy as you like now, but at the time I swung my little blonde mullet around in awe.

The new guy was good when I saw them at the Academy, just sorta acted like Seb, but just wasn't quite the genuine article, y'know?
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