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Re: Getting desperate... which bridge humbucker into a strat for clear, full sound...

Originally Posted by saTa
Hey there, nice to see the forums back.

Anyways, I recently bought an ESP Strat which can be seen here:

To accompany my ESP Tele which can be seen here:

As you can see I put a DiMarzio ToneZone-T into the bridge position of my telecaster. I really love the sound it makes, has about the right amount of punch while you still hear mids and it doesn't lack definition. I already have a ToneZone in another Strat ('86 Japan Squier one) and therefore I'm not gonna put yet another ToneZone into this strat.

What I need is a rich, full sound with loads of sustain when playing chords but also the neccessary definition for soloing and playing open chords in light distortion and high gain. My amp is an ENGL Screamer50 with a Marshall cab with 2 T75 and 2 V30 Speakers. The Hotrail at the neck is fine, the middle singlecoil is okay aswell. The stock ESP humbucker is kind of okay but too muddy, it makes me want to put the tone poti to 12 or 13...

I'm currently favouring the Steve's Special but the X2N has come into consideration aswell, though I think it's dead ugly... Only other DiMarzio PUs I have experience with are the Paf Pro and the Fred of my JS90th but I'd like a DiMarzio for they've never let me down before.

Anyways, here's an mp3 basically summing up how I want my guitar to sound:
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