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What It Meant To Me

Bob, you don't know how badly I wanted to go, meet you and the others, and especially Jam with ya!!! Business seems to be the reason I miss out on a lot of things in my life. But business also seems to be the reason I have all the things I want in life. Sort of a catch 22 I guess.

I am jealous of all that went. Sounds like a great time. Friday night was my first real 'gig' in around a decade. I read one of your posts that your hands were shakin. I know the feeling. We opened for our keyboard players cousin at a local club. There were around 250 people. I couldn't have started out in a smokey, 25 person, backroom bar could I? NOOOOO. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by purely incredible musicians who think covering Chick Corea tunes is childs play. They drowned me out most of the night.... LOL... We got plenty of cheers, had plenty of fun, and got a lot of free booze. Now I remember what I got into music for - THE FREE BOOZE!!!

I saw the video of ya. Would have loved to have been standin next to ya... you are a wonderful player. Someday we will jam...

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