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Re: I chad to have it...

Originally Posted by Texter
How brilliant: 'they're getting scarce but I need to have another one' & 'I'll strip one down for parts and bay the rest' in one post. You guys are really asking for it...
A guitar is a tool. It's scarce because IBZ made that body style in that color for ONE YEAR. Then they wrecked the radius altogether so all the Satch wannabes could have "his" axe in one of 3 lame colors (in the US that is; I admit the BTB rocks). I refuse to not have my axe just as I like it because that messes with peoples' idea of "collectibility". Were I rich (well financed, I mean, not a particular Jemsite sponsor ) I would have a few bodies made & painted so the originals could all be kept under glass. But since that's likely $500 per body, and since my luthier experience thus far has been iffy...NAH. I'll buy & part them.

Wanna buy a radius neck?
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