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Re: I chad to have it...

Mild disapproval, apparently.

(Jester-contact me about that neck) I usually go the other way. I like to get parts and then reassemble them. The way I see it, any factory Ibanez Radius/Saber/Power neck is rotatable to any R/S/P body. They're all factory necks made by the same group of people for the same purpose. RG necks are the same way IMO. I personally don't like to see the Carvin or other neck on a Radius but that's just because I like the look of a factory neck on these things. I went through a phase where I had different "non-factory" necks on some of my Ibanez'. Then I figured I like the feel and fretwork on Japanese Ibanez' anyway, why not use other guitars for all my cool non-Ibanez necks.
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