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Re: 8 string out next year...?

Originally Posted by 90341689
tru, that isnt the most reliable source there is...
...but damn, i guess they never taught you sarcasm at your school... :S
Well, in cases such as these it's compulsory to be sarcastic

I heavily doubt Ibanez will realease an 8-string unless it's a limited edition or something. Nor will i see a K-14 comming out because Korn aren't exactly as popular as they were (that's not to say they're not popular, they're just not as popular as they were) and the K7 wasn't sold alot. I don't have the sells figures for it but it's sorta common knowledge.

In fact, in my local shop, there's 3 K7s there going for about £900 and they haven't been touched for years.
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