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Re: Megadeth tuning to a 1/4 flat

I dont think they sped up a tape machine in a studio. They only do 2 speeds 30 ips and 15 ips. some do around 7.5 ips. To control that by hand would be impossible. They used only tape machines to track to back on the earlier albums. Digital tape machines are the same way.

I believe Mustaine tunes a 1/4 step down on purpose to sound flat. I believe what happened with madonna is AUTOTUNE by antares. It does pitch correction on vocals. She is also processed to get her tones I bet. AUTOTUNE didnt exist until recently so most of her recent stuff will sound different. With Pro Tools you can do a time stretch to get different sounds but pitch stays the same. Ive never seen or heard of an engineer slowing up a tape machine or a digital rig but someone may have done it though but I dont know how they did it.
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