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Re: Megadeth tuning to a 1/4 flat

Originally Posted by moro
You sure? Have you ever heard Madonna talk? Her speaking voice is much closer to her current (lower) singing voice than her voice on her earlier albums. Also, when she performs live, she has always sung the "Tonight I wanna dance *with someone else*" part in Into the Groove low instead of high. I think the studio version is faked.

The explanation I've heard is that between her old stuff and new stuff, she did Evita, and had to learn to actually sing for the role.
Im sure. anteres has a rack version of autotuner also. Many acts use it.
There are many ways to mix a Vocal track. You can record 3 or 4 and EQ or process 3 of them and blend them with the normal track. Ive seen a project with 4 Vocal tracks all going thru different processers and such. Ive done it myself. You can also have another vocalist sing a track too and blend that in. There are many tricks to make something sound different but slowing a multi track machine aint one of em. IMHO... You can use a pitch shifter to process guitar tracks to get different sounds. You can make copies of a guitar track in a digital situation and then process them thru plugins like amplitude and get completely new tones. Magadeth was doing overdubs and touch ups on there latest CD at a studio I interned at and I didnt go in the 3 days they were there and I wished I did I could have told you exactly what Mustaine did. Life is full of regrets LOL. What you hear on the final CD is sooooooooooo far from what was tracked its unreal. Labels now demand a perfect record. They tune vocals,guitars, and completely tune drums also with beat detector. The timing can suck during tracking and Pro Tools can fix it. The VOX can suck and Autotune can fix it. Even a not so perfectly tuned guitar can be made perfect now.
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