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Re: Megadeth tuning to a 1/4 flat

I think the flat tuning by Megadeth was only on the first album. Low budget, couldn't affort a tuning fork. I just tuned up my guitar (with a tuner, not by ear) and played along with a few thing from different albums, and KIMB is the only one that doesn't work. I didn't try anything past RIP, but I've played along with all of the others without having to retune, so...

As far as speeding up stuff goes, nobody here has mentioned James Hetfield's bordering-on-chipmunk vocals on Ride The Lightning. It's always sounded strange to me anyway, like they had to slow the tape down for him to hit some of the notes, then sped it back up so it'd be in standard pitch.
There's my $.02 anyway.
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