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Re: Ibanez Counterfeit Warning!!!

Originally Posted by DaniJem
(sorry for my english)

i love Ibanez Jems. i have a Ibanez Jem BFP. but... why i can't to build a custom Jem???. i think that there are not idiots here. all people here know to recognize a true ibanez jem. if i want build a guitar with the Jem shape... which is the problem???. many people build guitars with strato, les paul, etc... shapes.

apparently, there are people who take offence if i build my own jem. I dont understand it.

Beause if you build your own and write Ibanez and Jem on it, you've made a fake, because Ibanez DID NOT make it.

The people who make strat copies DO NOT write Fender or Strat on it.

Like I have always said, know what you are buying, that way you will know if you have a fake or the real thing. It's not just a case of only buy from a reputable dealer, which is ofcourse, a safe bet. Know what you are buying, look at the photos, the photos of fakes that I have seen just scream FAKE!!! at me, because I know what a real one is.
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