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Ibanez #2 is inbound

I've had the hankering for a trem equipped guitar lately so I've been looking at a lot of different Ibanezes. I've looked at the RG2550, RG2570, Jem 77VWH and the Jem 77BRMR. I've already got a PGM301 so that ruled out the 77VWH (I don't want my only 2 guitars to be white). I liked everything about the RG2570 except for the color (silver didn't grab me). The 77BRMR is a gorgeous guitar but I just can't justify spending that much on a guitar that I only really need for its whammy bar. That brought me to the RG2550. Its black finish is a great contrast to the PGM's white (it had the whole Yin Yang thing going on) and I didn't mind the pickguard.

But there was one other guitar I had my eye on. I've always preferred to by a new guitar vs. a used but this one was really sweet and the price was nice too. I also didn't have to worry about what I would be receiving because I bought it from Ibanez Rules! (thank you again Rich).

The guitar I ended up buying was a sample RG2720 with a Quilted Maple top with the Vintage Violin finish. The quilted maple top never went into production and the final production version with flame maple top was only released in Japan.

I'm going to replace the pickups (just starting to research that) and I'll either go with zebra (cream and black) or red and yellow bobbins.

So without further adieu, here are a few pics:

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