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Re: Lets bash the strat

Originally Posted by ibanezcollector
are you serious? not every strat has the same neck shape, color, finish, pickups, electronics etc.... There are lots of different fender neck shapes, colors they have done literally 1000s, finishes range from polys, laquers, to varnish. Pickups I can name at least 7 off the top of my head they make.

if your gonna bash fenders mys well say all RGs are the same.

this thread is stupid and no offense to you Ibanez2005. But to make claims like this really shows the lack of intelligence on guitars.

Its OK to say you dont like them, but to make claims which are obviously untrue and not founded is idiotic.

my 2 cents

I agree with him i mean honestly. to me i hear I a difference in strats, the SRV sounds different from the Yngwie strat.
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